Vacancies in the Juvenilia board

starting in April 2018

The current Juvenilia board was elected during the General Assembly in Genoa in 2016. This means that in 2018 during the General Assembly in Oslo, a new board will be elected. Applications for all positions are now open. Of the current board members, only Rozemarijn Tiben will apply for consent of re-election.

Being part of the Juvenilia board allows you to gain experience in a very international environment. You collaborate closely in a team of young people from different countries and will be in touch with many opera houses and other European institutions. You will gain experience in event organization, cultural diplomacy and international administration. You will surely travel a lot, make many new friends all across Europe and see many performances.

The Juvenilia board works on a voluntary basis, and at the moment there is no refund available for travel expenses or opera tickets. However, the new board might want to take the initiative to make this possible through sponsorship. We advise the new board to always have at least 2 board members present at every Juvenilia event.

The board meets once a month on Skype, but stays connected continually via Whatsapp and Facebook. The workload can differ from 2-20 hours per week, depending on whether there is an upcoming event and on the ambitiousness of the board. The current board members have proven that it is very well possible to combine Juvenilia work with full time studies or a full time job.

All board members are appointed for a term of two years, starting in April 2018. The election takes place during the general assembly. Board members may opt to step down before the end of the term.


The six available positions and their corresponding tasks are as follows:

1. President

2. Internal affairs / vice president
3. External affairs / vice president

4. Event coordinator

5. Event coordinator


1. The President represents Juvenilia formally and has the following tasks and responsibilities:

• Creating the long- and short- term strategy for Juvenilia
• Coordinates the Juvenilia board and its meetings;
• Coordinates outward communication with new clubs, interested organisations and media;

• Coordinates the season event calendar;
• Is responsible for staying in touch with member clubs and their activities;

Helps with event coordination.


2. Vice-president of internal affairs

• Is responsible for the execution of the tasks of the president in case of absence or when the president is temporarily unable to fulfil his or her tasks;
• Is responsible for staying in close touch with Juvenilia member clubs and their activities;
• Takes notes of every board meeting;

• Is responsible for answering incoming and drafting outcoming mail
• Controls the social media pages;
• Is responsible for promotion of the events among clubs and individual members;

• Helps with event coordination


3. Vice-president of external affairs

• Is responsible for the execution of the tasks of the president in case of absence or when the president is temporarily unable to fulfil his or her tasks;

• Public relations
• Is responsible for keeping the website up to date and the creation of new content
• Looking for partner organizations and collaboration opportunities

• Staying in touch with Juvenilia’s partner organizations

• Helps with event coordination


4. Event coordinator

International opera weekends are the core of Juvenilia’s activities. Juvenilia (co-)organises between 6 and 12 of suchs events per year. The board is closely involved in managing these events. The event coordinator:
• Closely collaborates with the youth club or partner theatre that hosts the event,

• Sets up a programme the event;
• Negotiates group discounts;
• Arranges reservations of opera tickets;
• Creates promotional materials;
• Coordinates registration of participants and payments;
• Coordinates the group during the weekend itself.
All these tasks are performed together with the help of local opera friends and the other Juvenilia board members.


5. Event coordinator

Same as 4. The two event coordinators collaborate closely and decide together which of the events they coordinate.


Election procedure
Each member club of Juvenilia has the right to vote once for each position.

In the unfortunate case that no member of your club can be physically present at the general assembly, please contact the managing committee at in order to arrange your club’s vote in a different way.



Every individual member has the right to submit an application for any position. The only requirements to apply are the minimum age of 18 and maximum 34 years old and to be member of at least one of the youth clubs connected to Juvenilia.
Good knowledge of English and at least one other language are beneficial, as well as experience with teamwork. Board members should be willing to travel a lot, as to be able to attend the Juvenilia events.


If you would like to put yourself forward as a candidate for the Juvenilia board, please write a motivation letter of 300 words max., and prepare a Juvenilia CV (describing your experiences with Juvenilia or your local youth club so far, plus any other relevant experiences).

Please fill the form :
Candidature deadline: 15th March 2018

Your candidature will be send to the member clubs and participants of the Oslo weekend, 2 weeks before the GA.

The election takes place on Saturday morning April 7th at the Opera House of Oslo.


If you have any questions, we will be pleased to answer them via


Best wishes,
The Juvenilia Board